New IPL Men’s Sports Model Pro, Noel Tcheung Pao!

After dominating at the IPL Tahiti Championship five months earlier (placing 1st in Beach Body, 1st in Men’s Athletic Open, and earning his IPL Men’s Athletic Pro Card) Noel was back on the IPL Tahiti stage. This time at the October 2017 IPL Tahiti Pro/Am. And, this time Noel had his sights set on just one division. Men’s Sports Model.

Noel would be pushed to the limit by a stacked class. His toughest competition being Henri Hiro (who was already a Men’s Sports Model Masters Pro). And, it was very close at the top of this class. In fact, only one point separated Noel Tcheung Pao and Henri Hiro in 1st and 2nd.

That being said, one point was enough to earn Noel Tcheung Pao the win as well as the IPL Men’s Sports Model Pro Card.

Shout out to LaMark Robinson who landed in 3rd, rounding out the top three. Michael Brooks Photography.

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