New IPL Bikini Pro, Priscillia Cancian!
After coming so close to victory in May, Priscillia Cancian was back on the IPL stage at 2017 IPL Tahiti Pro/Am on Saturday October 14th on the island of Tahiti, French Polynesia. This time Priscillia Cancian would prevail.
Five months prior Priscillia landed in 3rd place in Bikini Open at the Tahiti Championship. However, there is more to this story. For one, Priscillia tied for 2nd place with the amazing Kris Hani. As we all know by now, in the IPL, ties are broken via a pose down. And, in this pose down, Kris Hani beat out Priscillia. That being said, both Hani and Cancian earned 132 points. Considering 1st place winner Heimana Mairoto earned 134 points, it was incredibly close at the top of the class. Just 2 points between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. In the end, Priscillia Cancian had to settle for 3rd place.
Fast forward five months to the Tahiti Pro/Am. Priscillia Cancian was back for redemption. Of the six scored categories Priscillia won four: Muscularity, Symmetry, Posing & Presentation and Model Walk at Finals. 2nd place finisher Grace Teriitemataua won Suit by 1 point, and there was a three-way tie in the Conditioning round between, Priscillia Cancian, Grace Teriitemataua, and Teeva Raimbault Estall (who landed in 3rd).
In the end, it was indeed redemption for Priscillia Cancian as she earned 1st place and became the IPL’s newest Bikini Pro. It will be super awesome to see how Priscillia Cancian matches up with the current crop of IPL Bikini Pros.
And, Priscillia Cancian was not done yet at this show…
Michael Brooks Photography.

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