TOP IPL AMATEUR BIKINI COMPETITOR, JANE REBOSURA, RETURNING TO THE STAGE!Top IPL Amateur Bikini Competitor, Jane Rebosura, Returning To The Stage! “My diet consists of Herbalife products and clean healthy meals. I’m doing a lot of high intensity interval training to help lower my body fat. I am also doing heavy weight lifting. My focus on my physique are my legs and abs. Based off my last show, I think those two areas are my weaknesses, and I’m really working on my symmetry. My ideal physique is to have boulder shoulders, smaller waist, and muscular (round) legs with lower body fat. This is definitely a challenge for me because I’ve never reached this level before, and I’m super excited to see what my results will look like by show day.”

  • From and currently reside: Midtown, Sacramento. 
  • Years/seasons competing: This will be my 3rd show.
  • Coaches, Trainers & Gym: Caroline is my coach, Steven & my significant other James are my trainers and I work out at 24 hour fitness.
  • Next IPL show(s) and division(s) competing in: I will be competing in the 2nd Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on September 30th & I’ll be competing in Bikini Open.

The IPL offers 7 Pro Qualifying divisions of competition including Bodybuilding, Figure, Athletic, Sports Model, Fitness Angels, Bikini, & Evening Gown.

The IPL also offers “Exhibition Divisions” which do not have a Professional level and are only offered at some shows. These divisions include Women’s Bikini Mammas, Men’s Beach Body, Inspiration Dedication, & Kids Fitness.

The IPL maintains the “sport feel” of Physique Competition and we will never veer away from that. We are a sport league and will maintain the integrity and spirit of competitive sporting events. The IPL is not a “Pageant-style” federation. We are also not a bare-bones, nitty gritty operation either. That being said, we do like a little flash and flair and as part of a media company we are looking to create and promote ambassadors who represent true health and fitness.

The IPL is wholly owned by MiBoLife Publishing, the leader in publicity, news, and media for drug-tested Physique Competition.  IPL athletes, contests, and events are featured in the following magazine publications: NATURALMAG, NATURAL BIKINI, NATURAL GAINZ & VIGOROUS. Four magazines. Tons of potential cover models and countless articles, features, and spreads. Our official photographers are always on site capturing the incredible energy and excitement, and looking for the next superstars.