New IPL Women’s Sports Model Pro, Antonia Grafton!

IPL newcomer Antonia Grafton was AMAZING at the 2018 2nd Annual IPL SoCal Classic on April 14th in Covina, CA.

In Women’s Sports Model Open Antonia’s physique was on point. Winning three of the six scored categories (Muscularity, Symmetry and Conditioning) earned her 1st place honors, IPL Pro Card and a total of 199 points (out of a max of 240). This was the third highest point total of the entire contest.

Shout out to 2nd place finisher Jessica Frias who earned an impressive 190 points and pushed Antonia to the limit, winning the Posing/Presentation and Model Walk rounds and tying with Antonia in Suit/Outfit.

Another shout out to 3rd place finisher Sherri Darvish who rounded out the top three.

Antonia also impressed in Bikini Open, earning the 2nd place spot, right behind 1st place finisher (and Pro Card winner) Tabetha Lynn Hernandez. We are sure that it is only a matter of time before Antonia Grafton finds herself in the Bikini Open winners spot.

Be sure to check out the Fall 2018 issue of Natural Bikini Magazine (releasing August 1st) featuring Antonia!

Michael Brooks Photography.

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