New IPL Bikini Masters Pro, Judi Mcaskill!

Judi Mcaskill OWNED the Bikini Masters division at the 2018 2nd Annual IPL SoCal Classic on April 14th in Covina, CA.

In Masters 40+ Mcaskill won all six scored categories: Muscularity, Symmetry, Conditioning, Posing & Presentation, Suit and Model Walk at Finals. This clean sweep landed Judi in 1st place and earned her the coveted IPL Bikini Masters Pro Card. Shout out to Cinthia V. Marcos Beltran, Carmen Las, Ruby Oryega and Angela K Belew who rounded out the top five.

Then it was on the Masters Overall.

The Overall showdown featured Masters 50+ winner Angela K Belew and 40+ winner Judi. In the end, Judi dominated the pose down and pushed ahead for the Overall Bikini Masters title.

It will be exciting to see Judi Mcaskill share the Pro stage with IPL Bikini Masters Pros like Sunny Eclipse Miller, Dawn Vantrepotte-Davis, Glenda McFarlane, Johanna Paco, Rachel Dolma Balunsat and Pro Champions Naia Blanco Day and Tawnya Cline! Michael Brooks Photography.

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