New IPL Men’s Athletic Pro, Vince Cline!

New to the IPL stage, Vince Cline was definitely impressive at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL California Championship on May 5th in Sacramento, CA.

In Cali, Cline would enter two classes. Men’s Athletic Open and Men’s Athletic Masters 40+. Between the two, Cline’s toughest fight proved to be in Masters. There, he would go up against non-other than IPL Pro Steve Poyer.

Poyer, who won his IPL Pro Qualification in both Open & Masters Athletic at the West Coast Pro/Am last September, had not yet competed as a Pro. So, this made him eligible to compete as an Amateur. After entering the Pro division for May 5th, and having no other Pros enter, this is what he opted to do.

Vince Cline versus Steve Poyer was a sight to see. The two would trade shot for shot, with Poyer seeming to be gaining the upper hand…until Cline came alive and fought back, even harder.

Heading into Finals there was just ONE POINT separating 1st place from 2nd. Then, at Finals, the two would tie in score for the Model Walk, keeping the one point margin intact. In the end, it was Cline who had the extra point as he went on to win the class and the Pro Masters qualification.

Then, it was on to the Open. Bringing plenty of momentum into the Open, Cline dominated the class, taking 1st and the Open Pro Card as well. Shout out to Alfredo Ascencio (2nd) and Luis Briseno (3rd).

With the look that Vince Cline brought to Cali, there is no doubt that he will do some damage in the Pro ranks. Is he ready to pose a threat to Pros like Alejandro Sigala, Zack Smith, Karlos Velazquez, Andrew Kang, James Niezen and Pro Champions Zyrian Zee Apurillo, Jason Dela Cruz Lubag and Angel Aulet??? We think so!

Michael Brooks Photography.

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