New IPL Bikini Masters Pro, Jenneth Logana!

It all came together for top Bikini contender Jenneth Logana at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL California Championship on May 5th in Sacramento, CA.

After landing in 2nd place at her two previous IPL Bikini Masters 40+ outings, Jenneth Logana finally earned the number one spot.

That being said, it certainly was tight at the top of the class. Compared to Jenneth’ s 170 point score total… 2nd place finisher Katherine Thomas earned 165 and 3rd place Lisa Huntsinger earned 164.

However, close scores or not, 1st is 1st as Jenneth was welcomed into the IPL Pro leagues. AND, as a cherry on top, also earned the Bikini Masters Overall title.

It will be exciting to see Jenneth Logana hit the Masters Pro stage with Pros like Sunny Eclipse Miller, Dawn Vantrepotte-Davis, Judi Renee, Glenda McFarlane, Tunde Milstein and reigning APEX Champ Tawnya Cline.

And considering Logana has landed a 2nd place spot and a 3rd place spot in Bikini Open, that Open Pro Card could very well be in her future!

Michael Brooks Photography.

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