IPL Pro Bikini Champion, Tawnya Cline!

The final Bikini class to hit the stage at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL California Championship on May 5th in Sacramento, CA was Pro Bikini.

The first Pro show of the season generated plenty of excitement. With Kristen Perez hitting the stage for the second IPL Pro show of her career (after an impressive showing at the Grand Prix Pro late last year) and New IPL Pro Wassana Moore in the lineup, this was sure to be a battle.

That being said, the reigning Pro Bikini APEX champ Tawnya Cline comes in to win. Coming into this show with 2 Pro Bikini titles (and 4 Masters Pro Bikini titles) Cline surely had the most on the line.

In the end, with her signature balance of muscularity, conditioning, and world-class presentation, Cline proved too much to handle as she won all six scored categories and sailed to her 3rd Pro Bikini title. Perez in 2nd and Moore in 3rd.

With this win, Tawnya Cline took her Pro title count to 12, hanging on to her stat as the most winning IPL Pro on the circuit to date. Her wins include:
*3 Pro Bikini titles
*4 Pro Bikini Masters titles
*3 Pro Sports Model titles
*2 Pro Sports Model Masters titles

The question is…will anyone be able to knock Tawnya Cline off her Bikini thrown in 2018??? We are excited to find out!

Michael Brooks Photography.

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