New IPL Fitness Angels Pro, Abigail Comstock!

Abigail Comstock, one of the most active athletes on the IPL circuit, was amazing at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL California Championship on May 5th in Sacramento, CA.

In Cali, Comstock would enter four divisions. Bikini Mommas, Bikini Open, Sports Model Open and Evening Gown Open. And, Abigail “the Chameleon” Comstock rocked it each time she hit the stage.

First up was Bikini Mommas. Here, Abigail would win her second career title in the division. Her first being at last year’s Cali Championship, where she placed 1st in the 0 to Under 1 class as well as won the Overall.

Next up was Bikini Open. In her third IPL career Bikini Open outing Abigail presented, by far, her best look to date. And it showed in the placings, as she earned the 2nd place spot in Class B, just six points behind 1st place winner Jennylee Powers Wright.

Then, it was on to Fitness Angels Open. In her first time competing in this division, Abigail was magical. From her physique, to her suit, wings and presentation, Comstock managed to rise above the pack, landing in the winners spot becoming the IPL’s newest Fitness Angels Pro.

That being said, 2nd place finisher Frauka Kozar was hot on her heels landing just four points behind. Shout out to Stephanie Bosco who landed in 3rd, rounding out the top three.

And, just weeks later, Abigail Comstock landed on the front cover of the Fall 2018 issue on NATURALMAG, releasing August 1st.

Amazingly, after making such an impression, Abigail Comstock had yet another win in store at the Cali Championship. More on that later.

Michael Brooks Photography.

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