New IPL Evening Gown Pro, Abigail Comstock!

The 2018 3rd Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on September 29th in Sacramento, CA was without a doubt Abigail Comstock’s most active and successful contest of her 2018 season.

At the West Coast Pro/Am Abigail would compete in six classes across five divisions. Two of these classes being at the Professional level.

Her final showing in was in Evening Gown Open. Here Abigail would take the class, earning 1st place, as well as her fourth IPL career Pro Qualification.

When all was said and done, Abigail would walk away with three 1st place wins, three trophies, one Overall title, a tiara, five amateur medals, two Professional medals, and two IPL Pro Cards. Wow!

Be sure to check out Abigail in the next issue of NATURALMAG in a feature titled “The Progression Of Abigail Comstock.”

Michael Brooks Photography

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