New IPL Bikini Pro, Wassana Moore!Australia native Wassana Moore dominated Bikini at the 2018 4th Annual IPL Southern Championship on March 17th in Houston, TX.In Houston, Wassana would walk away with 1st place honors in Bikini Novice and Open. That said, in order to earn the coveted IPL Bikini Pro Card, Moore would need…more.A minimum point total of 168 (out of 240) was also required. With her highest scores in Muscularity, Posing/Presentation and Suit, Wassana managed to land 174 total points, and became the first IPL Bikini Pro of the 2018 season.As this news goes to press, Wassana Moore is considering her IPL Pro Debut, which could take place as soon as May.With IPL Bikini Pros like Annie Minkler, Tasha Hunter, Lylian Muttakyawa, Glenda McFarlane, Kristen Perez, Sunny Miller and Pro Champions Elli Sigala, Naia Day and Tawnya Cline…it will be interesting to see how Wassana Moore will match up.Be sure to check out the latest issue of Natural Bikini Magazine featuring IPL Houston Red Carpet pix of this new Pro!Michael Brooks Photography.

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