New IPL Men’s Athletic Pro, Daniel Smith!

IPL newcomer Daniel Smith stole the show at the 2018 4th Annual IPL Southern Championship on March 17th in Houston, TX.

This year’s Southern Championship featured arguably one of the most exciting Men’s Athletic showdowns the IPL stage has seen. Reminiscent of Aulet vs. Kang, the battle in Houston was Smith vs. Yoon.

Daniel’s toughest competition was Jung Yoon. A shredded Yoon, equipped with Adonis-like Posing & Presentation received enthusiastic cheers at virtually every pose he struck. Until Smith, an Adonis in his own right, hit the stage. Then it became the Daniel Smith and Jung Yoon show as the two battled it out, trading blow for blow.

In the end, Smith managed to pull ahead by 12 points, earning 202 to Yoon’s 190. Both high and impressive score totals. And with that, Daniel Smith took 1st place and the coveted IPL Men’s Athletic Pro Card. Yoon in 2nd.

Shout out to 3rd place finisher (and Men’s Athletic Masters 40+ 1st place) Tony Johnson who held his own against these young guns.

As we all know, IPL Pro Men’s Athletic is packed with crazy talent. Is Daniel Smith ready for the next level, against Pros like Alejandro Sigala, Zack Smith, Steven Perez, Andrew Kang. Or Pro Champions, Zyrian Apurillo, Jason Lubag, and Angel Aulet??? It will be exciting to find out! Michael Brooks Photography.

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