New IPL Bikini Pro, Carolina Silva!

One of the most exciting competitors at the 2018 IPL SoCal Pro/Am on September 8th in Covina, CA was IPL newcomer Carolina Silva.

First off, Carolina would completely bypass all Novice classes and head straight into the Opens. First was Bikini Open.

In a stacked Open division, featuring two classes (A & B), Carolina was placed into the B class. Here, she would take the class, earning 187 points (out of a max of 240) and the IPL Pro Card. That being said, it certainly was tight at the top of Class B.

Shout out to Cinthia Beltran (2nd) and Sandy A. Molina (3rd) who ended with 184 points and 182 points, respectively, and rounded out the top three.

Then, it was on to the Bikini Open Overall. In the Overall, Carolina would face Class A winner, Brittney Truman. In the end, Carolina Silva won the judges over in the pose down and earned the Overall title.

And she was just getting started in SoCal…

Michael Brooks Photography

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