New IPL Bikini Masters Pro, Toni Barrera!

Toni Barrera pulled off an impressive feat at the 2018 IPL SoCal Pro/Am on September 8th in Covina, CA.

After winning Bikini Masters 50+, it was on to Bikini Masters Overall. In the overall Toni would face 40+ winner Jennifer Mechner for the title.

In the IPL, the Masters 50+ classes are not Pro Qualifying classes. However, when the 50+ winner competes in the Overall against the 40+ winner there is an opportunity for Pro Qualification, if the 50+ winner takes the Overall. And, that is exactly what happened in SoCal.

In a super exciting Masters Bikini pose down, Toni prevailed as the winner and earned her IPL Masters Bikini Pro Card. Shout out to Jennifer Mechner who pushed Toni to the max.

Michael Brooks Photography

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