New IPL Women’s Sports Model Pro, Jessica Relph!

IPL newcomer Jessica Relph was an exciting competitor at the 2018 IPL SoCal Pro/Am on September 8th in Covina, CA.

With her super fun theme and rocking bod, Jessica Relph was a dominant force in Women’s Sports Model Open. That being said, her toughest competition was 2nd place finisher Carolina Silva. Silva pushed Relph the hardest, finishing just six points behind. Relph’s 193 to Silva’s 187 (out of a max of 240).

Close or not, a win is a win, as Jessica Relph nabbed 1st place and IPL Pro Card.

Shout out to Tabetha Lynn Hernandez (3rd), Sandy A. Molina (4th) and Sherri Elizam (5th) who rounded out the top five.

Michael Brooks Photography

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