New IPL Women’s Athletic Pro, Lori Silva!

IPL newcomer Lori Silva was a standout athlete at the 2018 IPL SoCal Pro/Am on September 8th in Covina, CA.

The vision of Lori seamed ubiquitous in SoCal as she entered four classes, across three divisions.

First was the Bikini division. Here, Lori would impress in the STACKED Novice class, earning 3rd place.

Next it was on to Fitness Angels Open. Here, she would stand out from the pack once again, with her physique and presentation, earning an impressive 2nd place finish.

Finally, it was the Women’s Athletic division. Here is where Silva really shined.

Her first win came in the Novice class. Then, in the Open, Silva would dominate once again. With her physique and creative presentation Lori Silva propelled herself to the top of the class, nabbing the 1st place spot as well as IPL Pro Qualification.

Shout out to Judi Renee (2nd) and Anna Ramirez Martin (3rd) who both pushed Lori Silva to the max, rounding out the top three.

Lori Silva certainly offers some excitement in the Women’s Athletic division. We are excited to see her on the IPL Pro stage!

Be sure to check out the winter 2018 issue of NATURALMAG featuring an exclusive interview with Lori!

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