New IPL Fitness Angels Masters Pro, Moni Kalman!

IPL newcomer Moni Kalman was one of the busiest and most successful competitors at the 2019 2nd Annual IPL SoCal Pro/Am on September 7th in Covina California.

Moni would enter four divisions in SoCal. Starting with Bikini Masters 40+, she landed a very respectable 2nd place in a super stacked class.

Then it was on to Fitness Angels Masters 40+. Here Moni found herself in the winner’s spot as she nabbed 1st place and the IPL Pro Card. Shout out to Jennifer Astasio (2nd), Dolores Alcaras (3rd), Ana Wendy Fernandez (4th) and Erika Gutierrez (5th) who rounded out the top five.

One 2nd place medal, One 1st place medal, One 1st place trophy plaque, a Pro Card and Moni Kalman was only halfway done in SoCal…

Michael Brooks Photography

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