Season #4 is in the history books! Another amazing year!

As always, huge THANK YOU to IPL Athletes, Promoters, Staff, Coaches, Trainers, Vendors, Sponsors, Friends, and Families! Without you, the IPL would not be possible!

Over the next six weeks we will be counting down the top 19 IPL stories of 2019!

We will kick this off with #19 this week!

Let’s gooooo!



Although Caroline Tsutakawa is the IPL Northern California Liaison and has coached hundreds of athletes to success on the IPL stage, she herself had only competed in one IPL contest. The 2016 IPL Arizona Championship in Mesa Arizona. At that contest Caroline certainly made her mark. And in a VERY big way!

Here is the complete list of Caroline Tsutakawa’ s Wins:

  • Bikini Masters (50+), Bikini Masters (40+), Overall Bikini Masters, Bikini Masters PRO CARD.
  • Sports Model Masters (50+), Sports Model Masters (40+), Overall Sports Model Masters, Sports Masters PRO CARD.
  • Fitness Angels Masters (40+), Fitness Angels Masters PRO CARD.

WOW! What an IPL stage debut!

It would be more than three years before the IPL stage would see Caroline Tsutakawa again.

The big question over the past few years was, “When will Caroline make her IPL Pro Debut???” Fast forward more than three years to the 2019 4th Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am in Sacramento, CA.

And how did Caroline do in her return?

  • 1st place Pro Bikini Masters
  • 2nd place Pro Sports Model Masters
  • 1st place Amateur Theme Wear Masters 40+ (a new division which was actually introduced for the first time at this contest)
  • 1st place Pro Masters Evening Gown.

Not bad for her Pro Debut!

Now the question is will Caroline defend her titles in 2020!!?



Raquel Flaherty hit the IPL stage for the first time at the September 2018 West Coast Pro/Am in Sacramento, CA. At that contest she placed 1st in Bikini Open Class A and earned her IPL Pro Card.

Little did we know, Raquel had driven from Texas (where she resides) all the way to Sacramento California to compete in this contest. Soon after the show she asked, “Why doesn’t the IPL have a show in Texas?” Little did she know, we did! It was a small show in need of a reboot. Raquel was up for the task and took over as the IPL’s Texas Contest Promoter.

The first contest she promoted was the 2019 5th Annual IPL Southern Championship in March. A successful show. Her next contest would be the 2019 4th Annual IPL Texas State Pro/Am in July. Another successful show which actually had almost twice as many competitors as the March show.

As this post goes out, Raquel is promoting the 2020 6th Annual IPL Southern Championship in March.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Raquel Flaherty and IPL Texas!

*Raquel is on the current cover of SEAM Magazine, has been featured in Natural Bikini Magazine, is a top IPL Bikini Pro and is an Amateur competitor in Women’s Athletic and Evening Gown.



The IPL Evening Gown division is about presentation, muscularity, conditioning, impressive levels of health and fitness…all packaged in an amazing evening gown. It’s about showing the world that you can be muscular and very fit and still look elegant, feminine and fabulous in an evening gown.

There were just so many examples of this during 2019. There were so many incredibly amazing and talented athletes to hit the IPL stage…ages ranging from the 20’s into the 60’s…all across the county…it is difficult to mention them all. And not just Pros or Pro Card winners. The lineups were deep and the talent was strong across the board. Here are just a few highlights during the season.

With the level of competition seen in 2019, one can only imagine what 2020 will be like!


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