International Physique League TOP 20 IPL Stories Of 2020!



Season #5 is in the history books! What a year!

A huge THANK YOU and congratulations to the Athletes, Promoters, Staff, Coaches, Trainers, Vendors, Sponsors, Friends and Families who showed up in 2020! Without you, the IPL would not be possible! Especially in 2020!

Over the next 7 weeks we will be counting down the top 20 IPL stories of 2020!

We will kick off with #20 this week!

Let’s gooooo!


After losing his Pro status (due to it expiring for two years of inactivity) Silas Hopkins made an impressive return to the IPL stage in 2020.

His show of choice was IPL Arizona on October 3rd in Phoenix, AZ. In AZ Silas would enter Amateur Men’s Bodybuilding Open, taking 1st place and earning enough points to regain his IPL Professional status.

During the 2020 season the IPL allowed athletes who earned their Pro Card the opportunity to compete in that same show as a Pro, making their Pro Debut. An option that was not offered prior to this year.

Silas would take the option, hopping into Pro Men’s Bodybuilding and facing off with “King” Karl Hall…multi-time IPL Pro Champion and a previous Pro APEX Champ.

It is safe to say that Karl was not in his best form in AZ. Yet, Silas presented perhaps his best look to date. In the end, Hopkins was able to pull ahead for the win, earning his first IPL Pro title.

This was the first time Karl Hall had been defeated in his three year IPL career.


The 2020 season saw a proliferation of incredibly talented Men’s Athletic competitors hit the IPL stage. One such man was Nicolas Mark.

Nicolas touched down on the IPL stage for the first time in Arizona on October 3rd. He would quickly propel himself to the top of the Men’s Athletic Open Class, earning his IPL Pro Qualification in the process. And wasting no time he jumped right onto the Pro stage for his Pro Debut, where he swiftly took 1st place, earning his first IPL Pro title.

Of course Nicolas wasn’t done on the IPL stage for 2020, but his arrival in Arizona definitely left its Mark!

Be sure to check out issue #1 of ATHLETIC Magazine, releasing next month featuring Nicolas describing how he built his incredible v-taper!


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