International Physique League TOP 20 IPL Stories Of 2020!



Season #5 is in the history books! What a year!

A huge THANK YOU and congratulations to the Athletes, Promoters, Staff, Coaches, Trainers, Vendors, Sponsors, Friends and Families who showed up in 2020! Without you, the IPL would not be possible! Especially in 2020!

Over the next 7 weeks we will be counting down the top 20 IPL stories of 2020!

We will kick off with #20 this week!

Let’s gooooo!


After losing his Pro status (due to it expiring for two years of inactivity) Silas Hopkins made an impressive return to the IPL stage in 2020.

His show of choice was IPL Arizona on October 3rd in Phoenix, AZ. In AZ Silas would enter Amateur Men’s Bodybuilding Open, taking 1st place and earning enough points to regain his IPL Professional status.

During the 2020 season the IPL allowed athletes who earned their Pro Card the opportunity to compete in that same show as a Pro, making their Pro Debut. An option that was not offered prior to this year.

Silas would take the option, hopping into Pro Men’s Bodybuilding and facing off with “King” Karl Hall…multi-time IPL Pro Champion and a previous Pro APEX Champ.

It is safe to say that Karl was not in his best form in AZ. Yet, Silas presented perhaps his best look to date. In the end, Hopkins was able to pull ahead for the win, earning his first IPL Pro title.

This was the first time Karl Hall had been defeated in his three year IPL career.


The 2020 season saw a proliferation of incredibly talented Men’s Athletic competitors hit the IPL stage. One such man was Nicolas Mark.

Nicolas touched down on the IPL stage for the first time in Arizona on October 3rd. He would quickly propel himself to the top of the Men’s Athletic Open Class, earning his IPL Pro Qualification in the process. And wasting no time he jumped right onto the Pro stage for his Pro Debut, where he swiftly took 1st place, earning his first IPL Pro title.

Of course Nicolas wasn’t done on the IPL stage for 2020, but his arrival in Arizona definitely left its Mark!

Be sure to check out issue #1 of ATHLETIC Magazine, releasing next month featuring Nicolas describing how he built his incredible v-taper!


Top IPL Pro Sarah McManus has been delivering impressive packages to the stage since her first contest, the October 2018 Southwest Grand Prix in Phoenix, Arizona.

Included in what she consistently brings is amazing conditioning. And that conditioning has been ramping up ever since.

At the October 2020 5th Annual IPL Arizona show Sarah McManus did not disappoint. Once again she delivered an amazing look and her conditioning was even tighter than in previous outings, if you can believe that!

At that contest Sarah earned her first Pro Women’s Athletic title and placed a very impressive 2nd in a super stacked Pro Bikini lineup.

One can only imagine what Sarah McManus will bring in the future!


Although the Theme Wear division first appeared on the IPL stage during the 2019 season (shout out to Caroline Tsutakawa, Elly Niezen and Jessica Knight-Graham) it really took off in 2020!

At the 1st Annual IPL New Year’s Classic on January 18th in Burbank, California the IPL saw its first stacked Theme Wear lineup.

Great physiques, fun energy and very creative themes generated tons of excitement in SoCal. So much so that his phenomenon certainly earns a spot on the Top 20 Stories list!

We are excited to see what IPL athletes to bring to this division in 2021!


Over the past several years Elli Nichole has propelled to incredible heights on the IPL stage. Including earning 17 Pro titles. The second most Pro wins in the history of the IPL. Six Pro Bikini titles. Two Pro Fitness Angels titles. Three Pro Sports Model titles. And, six Pro Evening Gown titles.

In 2020 Elli decided to take a huge leap into new divisions. And she chose the 1st Annual IPL New Year’s Classic Pro/Am in Burbank California on January 18th for the big reveal. Starting with Figure, she would earn 1st place in Novice. Then 1st in Open, earning her IPL Figure Pro Card.

In Women’s Athletic she would repeat her performance, taking Novice 1st place and Open 1st place, earning her second Pro Card of the Day.

Her second and final contest of the 2020 season was IPL Arizona on October 3rd in Phoenix, AZ. Here she would make her Pro Debuts, placing 1st in Pro Figure and 2nd in Pro Women’s Athletic.

Then, to our surprise, she made a return to Pro Evening Gown, earning yet another Pro title. Taking her career IPL Pro win count to 19. WOW!

An amazing transition into completely new divisions and during a tough and challenging year to boot!


The scene was the 2020 1st Annual IPL New Year’s Classic Pro/Am in Burbank California on January 18th.

In Burbank Kristen Perez would enter three Pro classes. Starting with Pro Bikini, she landed a very respectable 2nd place after pushing 1st place winner Tawnya Cline to the max. In the end Kristen would finish just eight points behind Tawnya. Cline 204 | Perez 196 out of a Max of 240.

Next up was Pro Fitness Angels. Here Kristen would earn her fourth Pro Fitness Angels title.

Kristen’s final class was Pro Sports Model. Here she would earn her second Pro Sports Model title, in convincing fashion. What’s more is that, in the process, she would defeat for the first time in her career reigning APEX Pro Champion, Tawnya Cline! Cline in 2nd. Doré Robinson in 3rd. An amazing accomplishment for Perez!

At the time of the New Year’s Classic Kristen Perez had competed in ten IPL contests across four years. And achieved six Pro titles along the way. One of the most active and successful IPL athletes on the circuit.

Shortly after the New Year’s Classic Kristen landed on the front cover of Natural Bikini Magazine! Well-deserved!


There was a ton of hype and excitement surrounding Pro Bikini leading up to 2020 IPL Arizona. The show was set to feature the most stacked and competitive Pro Bikini lineup in the IPL’s five-and-a-half-year history.

On October 3rd eight IPL Bikini Pros, from three states, hit the IPL Arizona stage. What ensued was one of the most exciting showdowns the IPL has seen. In the end there could only be one winner. And that was top IPL Pro Cinthia Beltran, earning her first IPL Pro Bikini title.

In 2nd place was a shredded Sarah McManus, finishing just four points behind Cinthia. Followed by 3rd place finisher Kristen Perez, just three points behind Sarah. It was certainly tight at the top of this class!

It is safe to say that this Arizona Pro Bikini lineup did not disappoint!

1st Cinthia Beltran

2nd Sarah McManus

3rd Kristen Perez

4th Kali Bates

5th Kristen Sherman

6th Toma Salari

7th Jennifer Micheli

8th Heather Griffin


Cinthia Beltran has been a top contender since she first hit the IPL stage several years ago. But during the 2020 IPL season, Cinthia’s Pro success elevated!

Starting in January at the New Year’s Classic in SoCal Cinthia would compete in Pro Bikini placing 4th. Her next division was Pro Fitness Angels placing 2nd. Finally she would hit Women’s Athletic Open for the first time, placing a very respectable 2nd. All impressive placements for Cinthia, although she definitely had her sights set on higher accolades. It would be at her second contest of the season, Arizona in October, that Cinthia would really take off.

In Arizona, starting with Pro Bikini she would place 1st, earning her first IPL career Pro title for the division. Then it was Pro Fitness Angels for another 1st place spot, earning her third IPL career Pro title for the division. Next was Women’s Sports Model Open, placing 1st and earning her IPL Pro Card. Cinthia would waste no time and make her Pro Debut in Sports Model at this show, placing 1st.

Her third and final contest of the season would be IPL SoCal just three weeks after Arizona. SoCal would spell more success for Cinthia. In SoCal she would earn her second Pro Bikini title and her second Pro Sports Model title. She would then place 1st in Evening Gown Open and make her Evening Gown Pro Debut, placing 1st.

An amazing year for Cinthia!

Cinthia’s IPL Pro wins to date:







Top IPL Pro Kristen Perez came into the 2020 IPL contest season on fire!

Her first contest was the IPL New Year’s Classic on January 18th in Burbank California. At that contest Kristen arguably presented her best Pro Bikini look to date. Placing 2nd, narrowly missing the 1st place spot which went to Tawnya Cline.

Then she would hit Pro Fitness Angels, earning her Fourth Pro title for the division.

Finally ending her SoCal run in Pro Sports Model, earning her second Pro title for that division. And, in the process, taking out top IPL Pro Tawnya Cline. A story which landed at #15 on this list.

Following the New Year’s Classic Kristen landed on the front cover of Natural Bikini Magazine.

The next contest for Kristen would be Arizona on October 3rd in Phoenix. For Arizona Kristen would admit that she was not at her best. However, being a top Pro competitor, Perez still delivered an impressive performance. Placing 3rd in Pro Bikini, 4th in Pro Fitness Angels and 2nd in Pro Sports Model.

Kristen’s final contest of the 2020 season would be APEX V. The IPL’s Year-End Championship Event.

At APEX Kristen was back in top form as she placed a very respectable 2nd in Pro Bikini. 1st in Pro Fitness Angels, her fifth Pro win for the division and retaining her APEX Pro Champion title. 1st in Women’s Athletic Open, earning her IPL Pro Card. Then made her Pro Debut in Women’s Athletic, placing 2nd.

Finally at APEX, Kristin would place 1st in Pro Women’s Sports Model. Earning her third Pro title for the division and becoming the IPL’s new APEX Pro Women’s Sports Model Champion!

An incredible year for Kristen Perez!


Top IPL Bikini and Fitness Angels Pro Kristen Davis was cover girl extraordinaire in 2020.

Following her amazing performances in 2019 she would land her first cover of VIGOROUS Magazine. Shortly after, Kristen would land two more covers. Her second cover of VIGOROUS as well as her first cover of SEAM.

This marked the first time in the history of the IPL and MiBoLife Publishing that an athlete had been featured on two different covers at the same time.

With the look that she brings on and off stage, one can only imagine what the future holds for Kristen Davis!


The IPL normally hosts 12 to 15 contests each year. However, due to the extreme impact of covid-19, the league was forced to condense the season into only 5 shows.

Because this presented fewer opportunities for new Pros to compete (typically new IPL Pros were not able to compete in the show that they turned Pro at) we created the Super Pro Qualifier. What this meant is that for 2020, New Pros were now able to compete in the same show at the Pro level.

Throughout the 2020 season, almost all new Pros took the option and hopped onto the Pro stage. And in quite a few cases the new Pros actually won the Pro title!

New Pros who went on to win Pro titles at the same show include…


Silas Hopkins 1st & Pro Card Men’s Bodybuilding Open AND 1st Pro Men’s Bodybuilding

Nicolas Mark 1st & Pro Card Men’s Athletic Open AND 1st Pro Men’s Athletic

Cinthia Beltran 1st & Pro Card Women’s Sports Model Open AND 1st Pro Women’s Sports Model

Jennifer Micheli 1st & Pro Card Evening Gown Masters (40+) AND 1st Pro Masters Evening Gown


Nifai Tonga 1st & Pro Card Men’s Athletic Open AND 1st Pro Men’s Athletic

Cinthia Beltran 1st & Pro Card Evening Gown Open AND 1st Pro Evening Gown


Doré Robinson 1st & Pro Card Figure Masters 40+ AND 1st Pro Masters Figure

Amy Olivas 1st Bikini Open AND 1st Pro Bikini

The Super Pro Qualifier created an incredible amount of excitement during the 2020 season. So much so that we decided to keep it for the 2021 season!


This project had been a long time coming! And in 2020 it finally happened! The IPL and MiBoLife Publishing released an apparel line!

It actually consists of three lines. The IPL line with IPL branded merchandise. The Magazine Line with magazine branded merchandise. And the Lifestyle line with more fun and playful items.

The launch generated tons of excrement and people everywhere starting rockin’ the gear!

We look forward to continuing to grow this line with more and more amazing products!

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The IPL is wholly owned by MiBoLife Publishing. Since 2013 MiBoLife Publishing has been the leader in publicity, news, and media for drug-tested Physique Competition. IPL athletes, contests, and events are featured in the following magazine publications: NATURALMAG, NATURAL BIKINI, NATURAL GAINZ, VIGOROUS & SEAM. Tons of potential cover models and countless articles, features, and spreads. Michael Brooks Photography is always on site capturing the incredible energy and excitement, and looking for the next superstars.

In 2020 a sixth publication was announced. ATHLETIC Magazine. The fist cover model is IPL Men’s Athletic Masters Pro Champion, and top Men’s Athletic Open Pro, Marc Monaco!

ATHLETIC Magazine is set to release its first issue in January of 2021. It is a quarterly publication, and will be available in print and digital. By subscription and per issue.

ATHLETIC Magazine is THE publication for active men, striving for continuous improvement in health, wellness and physique. We give men the tools they need to make their lives better through in-depth and expert-backed reporting, covering everything related to health, nutrition, fitness, physique development and more.

ATHLETIC Mag serves up this info for our readers in a way that’s practical, accessible, and easy to understand.

How is that for bringing some excitement to the year?!

And…who will be cover guy number 2???


In order to streamline contests in 2020, the IPL implemented the straight run show format. Meaning the entire contest took place in one block of time. The average length of show time was 6 hours. From 10a.m. to 4p.m. Gone were the days of IPL contests ending at 10pm or after midnight, in many cases.

Awards took place directly after prejudging for each class. Starting with Inspiration & Transformation, ending with Evening Gown. This turned out to be quite a success! The athletes enjoyed it and it made for a much shorter, smoother day for everyone!

This format was so successful during the 2020 season that we decided to keep it for 2021 and beyond!


Amy Olivas first hit the IPL Bikini stage in September of 2019, taking 1st place in Novice Class B as well as 3rd place in Open Class B. And in the process qualified to compete at IPL APEX IV. The IPL’s Year-end Championship Event.

A very respectable showing for her first IPL contest!

Amy would waste no time following this show as she hopped back on stage one month later at IPL APEX IV. At APEX Amy came in noticeably fuller, and bumping one spot, placed 2nd in the Open against some of the best IPL Bikini competitors from the 2019 season.

Almost a year later Amy would return to the IPL stage in October of 2020. This time delivering a package that was noticeably leaner and fuller than her previous showing at APEX IV. She would once again place 2nd in the Open.

Then, a month later, she would reappear for IPL APEX V. This time coming in even fuller and rounder, while maintaining a good amount of her conditioning from the month prior.

For Amy, this was the look that propelled her to 1st place in the Open, earning her IPL Pro Card. Then, wasting no time, she hopped onto the APEX Pro stage. In Pro Bikini Amy would snag 1st place honors, and in the process, become the IPL’s new APEX Pro Bikini Champion!

Following APEX, Amy landed on the front cover of Natural Bikini Magazine!

What incredible progression and amazing year for Amy Olivas! One can only imagine what the future holds for this brilliant IPL Bikini Pro!



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