New IPL Fitness Angels and Women’s Athletic Pro, Turia Avaepii!

Turia Avaepii was a magical chameleon at the 2018 2nd Annual IPL Tahiti Championship on May 12 in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

First was Fitness Angels Open. Turia dominated the class and earned her IPL Pro Card by winning five of the six scored categories: Muscularity, Symmetry, Posing & Presentation, Suit/Outfit and Model Walk at Finals. The only round she did not win was Conditioning. That one went to 2nd place finisher Ghislaine Vatina Piirai.

Then it was on to morph into the Women’s Athletic Open class, and nab Pro Card #2. That being said, the competition was fierce in this class. Turia’s toughest opponent being 2nd place finisher Edith Temeiana TavanaeToofa. In the end Turia earned 155 points and Edith Temeiana TavanaeToofa 149, with Marie-France Bourgeois coming in a close 3rd with 146.

Even with these two impressive wins, Turia had one more division to hit. Evening Gown Open. Although she looked amazing, her reign would come to an end in Tahiti, as she was forced to settle for 3rd.

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