2X IPL Men’s Athletic Pro Champion, Zyrian Zee Apurillo!

Top IPL Pro Zyrian Apurillo was a dominant force at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL Arizona Championship on May 28 in Mesa, Arizona.

That being said, his toughest opponent was Zack Smith, who made his Pro debut at this contest. The two were neck and neck in each of the scored rounds, only a point or two separating them. But in the end, Zyrian was able to pull ahead by a total of eight points. Zyrian’s 216 (1st place) to Zack’s 208 (2nd place). Both Zyrian’s and Zack’s scores were the two highest Men’s scores of the entire contest.

It was so close between the two Z’s that many believed Smith to be the better man in Mesa. Shout out to Alejandro Sigala (3rd) who rounded out the top three.

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This makes Pro title #2 for Zyrian Apurillo. The only other man to earn two Pro Men’s Athletic titles is none other than East Coast based Angel Aulet.

Michael Brooks Photography.

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