IPL Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Champion, Brian Lorenz!

There was a new milestone in IPL Pro Men’s Bodybuilding at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL Arizona Championship on May 28 in Mesa, Arizona…

Only one other man has earned this title in the IPL. And that is none other than “King” Karl Hall, 3X IPL Pro Champ and reigning IPL APEX Men’s Pro Bodybuilding Champion.

So, what’s next for Brian Lorenz???

Brian is currently registered for APEX III, taking place in just 4 weeks in Phoenix, AZ! And guess, what??? Karl Hall will be there to defend his title! There is no doubt that Brian Lorenz is in for a MAJOR battle! It will be exciting to see this go down in AZ!

Keep an eye out for the Fall 2018 issue of NATURALMAG, releasing this week, featuring an exclusive interview with Brian Lorenz!

Michael Brooks Photography

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