New IPL Men’s Athletic Pro, Luis Briseno!

IPL newcomer Luis Briseno brought, by far, his best look to date to the 2018 3rd Annual IPL Arizona Championship on May 28 in Mesa, Arizona.

One of the most active IPL athletes of the 2018 season, Briseno kicked it off at the April SoCal Classic in Covina, California. At that contest Briseno only entered the Beach Body class, where he placed 2nd. Then, the following month, it was on to show number two. The May California Championship in Sacramento, California.

Here, a noticeably improved Briseno stepped up his game and hopped into three classes. Men’s Athletic Novice, Men’s Athletic Open, and returned to Beach Body.

In Athletic Novice he nailed it, taking 1st in the class. Then, in the Open, he slipped back to 3rd. Then ratcheted back to the top in Beach Body, taking 1st.

Wasting no time, Briseno was on to show number three just a few weeks later. The Arizona Championship. It was in Arizona that Luis Briseno reached his peak, and dominated the field.

Skipping right over Novice, Briseno’s first class was Men’s Athletic Open. This time Luis Briseno could not be stopped as he took 1st in the class and earned IPL Pro Qualification. Then it was on to Sports Model Open, for win number two.

Finally, Briseno wrapped up his AZ reign with Beach Body, as he earned medal and trophy number three, taking 1st in the class.

Luis Briseno is a brilliant example of drive and dedication as he pounded his way through three contests within a six week period, across three different cities, collecting five trophies, seven medals and finally earning his IPL Pro Card.

Now, we are pumped to see how Luis will match up on the IPL Pro stage!

Keep an eye out for the Natural Gainz Magazine Fall 2018 issue featuring an exclusive interview with Luis!

Michael Brooks Photography.

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