New IPL Bikini Pro, Natasha Marc!

IPL newcomer and first-time competitor Natasha Marc dominated the Bikini division at the 2019 4th Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on September 14th in Sacramento, California.

Throwing all of her eggs into the Bikini basket, Natasha entered Novice and Open. First up, in Novice, Natasha took 1st place in the stacked class. Shout out to Katreina Gardner 2nd, Amelia Feher 3rd, Melissa Arbogast 4th and Annie Khatchadourian 5th, rounding out the top five.

Next was Bikini Open, with a repeat performance in an even larger class. Natasha once again landed in 1st place, this time earning her IPL Pro Card. Shout out to Simona Nelson 2nd, Celia Kooistra 3rd, Carly Alejandrino Santos 4th and Megan Little Roark 5th, rounding out the top five.

With the balanced, proportionate and statuesque look that Natasha Marc is bringing to the IPL stage we are certain that she will do some damage at the Pro level!

Michael Brooks Photography

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