New IPL Bikini Masters Pro, Celia Kooistra!

Eight classes across four divisions meant that Celia Kooistra was perhaps the busiest competitor to hit the stage at the 2019 4th Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on September 14th in Sacramento, California.

Having already achieved IPL Pro status in Evening Gown Open as well as Sports Model Open at previous contests, Celia still had more to prove.
Her first division at the West Coast Pro/Am was Bikini. Here she would enter Masters 40+ and Open. In Masters 40+ Celia took the class, earning her IPL Pro Card. She would then go on to compete for the Overall Bikini Masters title…and won it.
Then she was on to Bikini Open where she placed a very respectable 3rd in a stacked class.

One division and two classes down and Celia still had much more to go at the West Coast Pro/Am… Michael Brooks Photography

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