Inspiration Dedication

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This Division is created for anyone with an inspiring story. For example, incredible amount of weight loss, disease, illness, trauma, etc. This gives the competitor an opportunity to share their success, and inspire those watching to what is possible when you never give up.

  • There is no drug testing for this division.
  • There are no placings in this division. You are all winners. Participation medals will be provided.
  • One minute bio on your inspiring story must be submitted to be read by Emcee or Promoter.
  • You may submit A”Before & After” image or collage that will be displayed during your walk.
  • No specific clothing guidelines for this division. Athlete wears what they are comfortable in. Athlete may wear gown, workout attire, swimsuit, suit, dress, etc.
  • Shoes must be worn.
  • Jewelry may be worn.
  • Stones may be worn.
  • Inspiration Dedication will only walk for the evening show.
  • There is no pre-judging for this division.
  • Open to all ages 18+.
  • There are no comparison rounds.
  • T-walks are done in any direction. The athlete is walking the stage while the bio is to be read. They may use the stage however they like.
  • Walks will last the same time as bio is read. Not to exceed one minute. Please make sure to read it a few time to gauge the time before submitting at registration.

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