***In addition to a medal, the top males and female transformations at each IPL contest will also receive a trophy and will be qualified for IPL APEX.***

Inspiration & Transformation

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This division is not just about weight loss. It is also for individuals who have overcome eating disorders or any life changes such as disease, illness, cancer, trauma, or other health disorders, etc… This gives the contestant an opportunity to share their success, and inspire those watching to what is possible when you never give up. This event is a true celebration of a personal journey to a more healthy, active lifestyle.


After you have registered to compete in the Inspiration & Transformation division. Please follow these steps:

  1. One minute bio on your inspiring story (will be read by Emcee during your walk). Bio must be no more than 1 minute. Please read it and time yourself to be sure. Bio should be about yourself, explaining how much weight loss/gain you have made, and your personal journey. Whatever you feel comfortable sharing with the audience.
  2. “Before & After” Photo or collage. Please combine 2 to 4 images into one file (file will be shown on a projector during your walk and bio). Jpeg or PNG files only.

Please email your bio and image file to Be sure to include your first and last name.

Additional Details:

  • There is no drug testing for this division.
  • Participation medals will be awarded to all contestants. Top Transformation trophies will be awarded to one male and one female.
  • One minute bio on your inspiring story must be submitted to be read by Emcee or Promoter.
  • You may submit a “Before” image or collage that will be displayed during your walk.
  • No specific clothing guidelines for this division. Contestant wears what they are comfortable in. This may be a gown, workout attire, swimsuit, suit, dress, etc.
  • Jewelry may be worn.
  • Inspiration Transformation will only walk during Finals. There is no pre-judging for this division.
  • Open to all ages.
  • T-walks are done in any direction. The athlete is walking the stage while the bio is to be read. They may use the stage however they like.

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