International Physique League Angel Wings Division


Fitness Angels Costume

  • Angel Wings costume includes a bikini. (NO Thongs)
  • Wings can resemble that of an Angel (or Victoria Secret Angels), or a Las Vegas Showgirl, yet tasteful.
  • Feathers and frills, tulle, sequins, anything that is feminine and “over the top.” Glitz, bling, feminine, glamour are key, yet not to distract from the physique.
  • Nothing that drags along the floor, and costume must be secure.
  • Presentation, including showing off the wings, make-up and hair, is judged.
  • Please be aware that the cost of the Angel Wing Costume is not important. What matters here is that the Wings look amazing, and more importantly the competitor looks amazing in them.
  • Jewelry and hair ornaments, are allowed at pre-judging and night show.
  • Clear Competition heels.


Competitors will enter the stage individually, one at a time and head to back center stage and hit desired pose and hold for 2-3 seconds. (This is designed to give competitor the opportunity to display their wings and really show the beauty and creativity of them). Competitor will then walk to front center and hit another desired pose. Hold this pose for another 2-3 seconds. Then walk to designated side line and wait while the rest of the competitors finish their presentation I-Walk. Please be courteous of space on the side lines, as your wings take up some space. When competitors have all arrived on the side line the head judge will ask the competitors at the front of the line to lead you out to your comparisons line. Judging will resume as stated. You will still have your presentation model walk at the end of comparisons. Your initial I-Walk and final presentation round will be judged as one. When comparisons have ended you will exit the stage.


Competitors will come the same way as stated above (I-Walk) then their final comparison rounds for the audience. They will then leave the stage and top 5 will be asked out individually to perform their T-Walks.

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