Upon earning IPL Pro status in a division, an athlete must compete at the IPL Pro level within the following two contest seasons. For example, an athlete who turns Pro during the 2016 season, must compete at the IPL Pro level in either 2017 or 2018.

If an athlete does not compete at the Pro level within two seasons, their Pro status will expire. Upon expiring, the athlete will no longer be qualified to compete as an IPL Pro and would need to re-qualify in order to re-attain IPL Pro status. Athletes may re-qualify by competing as an Amateur in an IPL Pro Qualifying contest. Please be aware that ex-Pros may not compete at the Novice level.

NOTE: Athletes who do not wish to lose their Pro status will have an opportunity to extend their Pro status for an additional season for a fee of $250 (per Pro division). Athletes will only be allowed one extension per eligibility cycle. Athletes who choose this option must submit their extension payment by then end of the year in which their status is due to expire. For instance, if Pro status will expire at the end of 2017, athletes must submit their extension payments by December 31st 2017. No payments or extensions will be accepted after that date.

Thank you all. I am honored to have you all part of the IPL Pro League and look forward to seeing you all soon!



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