Competitors will enter the stage individually, one at a time, and head to back center stage and hit desired pose, holding for 2-3 seconds. This is designed to give competitor the opportunity to have their prop or theme make an impression for the judges. Competitor will then walk to front center and hit another desired pose. This would be the time to demonstrate a prop if available. Hold this pose for another 2-3 seconds. Then walk to designated side line and wait while the rest of the competitors finish their presentation I-Walk. Keep your prop with you at this time. When competitors have all arrived on the side line the head judge will announce you to leave your props on the side line. Class will then be lead to the comparisons line. Judging will resume as stated.

Note: Competitors will still have am additional brief pre-judging model walk at the end of comparisons. When comparisons have ended, competitors will have a moment to grab props and exit the stage.


Finals will be the same as above and competitors will leave props backstage as they do their quarter turns. The only time props will be allowed back on stage during finals is if you are in top 5. Then you will have the opportunity to bring your prop with you for your final T-Walk. Please have your props close by so you are ready, but be sure to keep them out of the way of people walking around to avoid injury.

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