Kids Fitness

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This division is designed to keep children involved in a healthy lifestyle as well as develop stage presence, and some may be able to be a part of their parents journey as well.

  • Children must be ages 5-17 at the date of event.
  • Children may wear whatever their fitness activity requires.
  • Costume is permitted.
  • Jewelry may be worn.
  • Props may be used.
  • Shoes are optional depending on the fitness activity. Please take precaution when not wearing shoes.

  1. Kids will be divided up between girls and boys, having separate divisions (ages 5-17)
  2. Kids may be divided between age groups, depending on number of competitors.
  3. No drug-testing for minors.
  4. Judging will be based on the endurance, strength and flexibility of athlete. Competitors should display originality, personality and do whatever it is that they do well.
  5. Athlete must submit their own music lasting 60 seconds.
  6. Athlete composes their own routine, style, wardrobe, and music to give their best performance.
  7. Athlete will compete for pre-judging and perform again for finals.
  8. There are no t-walks or comparisons rounds.

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