NSF Certified for Sport® Program

NSF Certified for Sport® Program

With thousands of banned substance ingredients floating out there, we agree that it can be challenging to navigate through it all.
While the IPL cannot officially “approve” any products or supplements, what we can do is point athletes to the NSF Certified for Sport® Program. Your safest bet is to use only products that have this certification.

NSF International

National Sanitation Foundation

To meet the growing demands of athletes, coaches and all those concerned about banned substances in sports supplements, NSF International created the NSF Certified for Sport® Program. This specially designed NSF program is a focused solution designed to minimize the risk that a dietary supplement or sports nutrition product contains banned substances.

This program, which focuses primarily on the sports supplement manufacturing and sourcing process, provides key preventive measures to:
*Protect against adulteration of products
*Verify label claims against product contents
*Identify athletic banned substances in the finished product or ingredients

Click here to review the complete list of certified products and supplements.

Read more about NSF here.


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