IPL APEX PRO Bikini Masters Champion, Tawnya Cline!
Bikini History was made at the 2016 APEX, the IPL’s pinnacle year-end championship event, in Los Angeles, CA on November 12th.
A month prior, top Bikini Masters PRO, Tawnya Cline faced-off against top Bikini Masters PRO, Ivonne Grecco at the IPL West Coast Pro/am in Rancho Cordova, CA. This was the very first time the IPL hosted a PRO Bikini Masters division. At that contest Grecco pulled ahead and placed 1st, becoming the IPL’s first ever PRO Bikini Masters Champion.
At APEX, Grecco and Cline would meet again. However, this time the tables were turned. Both athletes are consummate professionals and very competitive. But, in LA, Cline was determined to redeem herself. And redeem she did, as she clenched the win to become the IPL’s first ever APEX PRO Bikini Masters Champion. Michael Brooks Photography.

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