Naia Day

IPL APEX PRO Bikini Champion, Naia Blanco Day!

Once again, history was made at the 2016 APEX, the IPL’s pinnacle year-end championship event, in Los Angeles, CA on November 12th.

PRO Bikini featured four of the IPL’s top athletes. Each one of these IPL Bikini Pros had at least one 2016 IPL Pro win under their belt.

Ana La Belle = 2016 IPL West Coast PRO Bikini Champion
Beth Cote = 2016 IPL Southwest Grand Prix and 2016 IPL New York PRO Bikini Champion
Ivonne Grecco = 2016 IPL West Cost PRO Masters Bikini Champion
Naia Blanco Day = 2016 IPL North Atlantic PRO Bikini Champion

Each of these amazing athletes brought their A-game to APEX. But, there could only be one winner. And, that winner was Naia Day, as she became the IPL’s first ever APEX PRO Bikini Champion. Michael Brooks Photography.

Naia Day 2016 APEX BIKINI

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