New IPL Men’s Sports Model PRO, Nate Niezen!
The Niezen Family traveled all the way from British Columbia, Canada to take part in the first ever IPL APEX, the IPL’s year-end pinnacle championship event in Los Angeles, CA on November 12.
Like father, like son… Nate would follow in Dad’s (James) footsteps and nail his IPL PRO CARD in Men’s Sports Model Open. For James it was in Masters. Needing a minimum of 126 points (out of a Max 180) for the PQ, Nate Niezen landed 155, with his highest scores (28 out of 30) in both the Symmetry round and on his Sports Model theme/outfit.
The trip paid off as the Niezen’s took home plenty of hardware, including Nate’s APEX Crystal 1st place trophy and IPL Men’s Sports Model PRO QUALIFIED status. Michael Brooks Photography.

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