New IPL Men’s Athletic Masters PRO, James Niezen!
James Niezen first competed on the IPL stage at the 2016 IPL California Championship on Saturday May 7th in Sacramento, CA. At that contest James landed in 3rd place in Men’s Athletic Masters 40+. Because top three in all classes qualified for IPL APEX, James was on his way to compete at the IPL’s year-end pinnacle championship event in Los Angeles in November. There he would face some of the best Men’s Athlete Masters physiques the IPL has to offer.
At APEX, James was up against Richard Puou and Kenny “The Rock” Schrock. All three of these top competitors brought their A-game. And, each of these men was shredded to the bone, making it incredibly difficult to judge, especially in the conditioning department. As far as total points go is was tight. In the end it was Richard Puou (163) in 1st, James Niezen (161) in 2nd, and Kenny Schrock (157) in 3rd. But in the conditioning round it went Niezen (29), Puou (28), and Schrock (27).
Because Richard Puou had already achieved IPL PRO QUALIFIED status back in September (but had not yet competed as a PRO), Niezen was next in line. Needing a minimum of 126 points for the PQ, Niezen had it in the bag, and became the IPL’s newest Men’s Athletic Masters PRO. Michael Brooks Photography.

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