New IPL Men’s Sports Model Masters PRO, James Niezen!
It was James Niezen’s time to shine at APEX, the IPL’s year-end pinnacle championship event in Los Angeles, CA on November 12. James qualified for APEX in several divisions back at the May 2016 IPL California Championship in Sacramento, CA…and he surely came to do some damage in Los Angeles.
At APEX, James landed in 2nd place in Men’s Sports Model Masters, missing first by 6 points. Rock star, Richard Puou in 1st. As happened earlier in the contest, Richard Puou had already achieved IPL PRO QUALIFIED status back in September (but had not yet competed as a PRO), so Niezen was again next in line. Niezen would need a minimum of 126 points (out of a Max 180) for the PQ. In the end, Niezen scored 162 (including a near-perfect score in the Conditioning round…29/30) and became the IPL’s newest Men’s Sports Model Masters PRO. Michael Brooks Photography.

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