New IPL Bikini PRO, Elli Sigala!
Elli Sigala first competed on the IPL stage at the 2016 Southwest Grand Prix in Tempe, AZ on September 4th. At that contest Elli placed 1st in Bikini Novice Class A (in a tie-breaker between her and top IPL Bikini Athlete Brittney Truman). Elli would go on to snag the Overall Bikini Novice title at that show, besting 3 Bikini Novice classes.
At that contest Elli also competed in Bikini Open. Here, however, she would have to settle for 2nd place in Open A. In 1st was the dynamic Naia Blanco Day, who also won Overall Bikini Open that night. Day would go on to a history-making win as the IPL’s first ever APEX (year-end pinnacle championship event) PRO Bikini Champion. That being said, Sigala’s impressive 2nd place win qualified her to compete at APEX in Los Angeles on November 12th. With the package that Sigala brings to the Bikini stage, there was no doubt that it was just a matter of time.
At APEX Sigala was amazing. Her blend of muscle fullness, shape, conditioning, and stage presentation all combined in her own unique way, makes Sigala very competitive on stage. In Bikini Open at APEX Sigala earned 172 points out of a max 180, one of the highest score totals of the entire contest. In the end, Elli Sigala landed in the 1st place spot at APEX and became the IPL’s newest Bikini PRO. Michael Brooks Photography.

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