New IPL Bikini PRO, Veronika Antolini!
After attending several IPL competitions as a spectator, supporting her friends and teammates, it was finally time for Veronika Antolini to hit the IPL stage at the 2016 IPL 2nd Annual North Atlantic Championship on October 15th in Ridgefield, CT.
Antolini brought a sleek, streamlined look to the IPL Bikini Open division. Add to that her full shoulders, legs, and sharp conditioning and Veronika was within striking distance of a very big night.
Needing a minimum point total of 168 (out a max 240) for the PQ, Veronika landed 181 and became the IPL’s newest Bikini PRO. With what Veronika is bringing, she will definitely be a contender on the IPL PRO Bikini stage.
Shout out to second place finisher Danielle Corpuz who landed just 4 points behind Veronika, and possesses one of the best Bikini back poses the IPL stage has seen. Michael Brooks Photography.

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