New IPL Men’s Bodybuilding PRO, David Boutros!
David Boutros first competed on the IPL stage back in August at the 2016 IPL New York Pro/Am in Manhattan, NYC. At that contest he entered Men’s Athletic Open, and placed a respectable 3rd, out of 6 competitors. However, two months later, at the 2016 IPL 2nd Annual North Atlantic Championship on October 15th in Fairfield, CT Boutros would enter the Men’s Bodybuilding Open class. This time, instead of top three, Boutros was number one.
In the Open we saw Fred Borzumato return (after just winning his IPL PRO CARD in Masters). At the top of the Open class was Fred and David, and it was VERY competitive between these two. Within the scored rounds, Boutros and Borzumato traded wins. Boutros took Muscularity. Borzumato took Conditioning. Boutros won Symmetry. Borzumato won Posing/Presentation.
By the time Finals rolled around, it was Borzumato up by 5 points. Borzumato 150 / Boutros 145. When this fact was announced, you could hear a pin drop in the theater. Although not a major spread, 5 points is still significant. Considering all that was left was the Posing Routine at Finals (worth 40 points) Boutros would have to NAIL his Routine and Borzumato would have to be a bit off. Andddddd, that is exactly what happened.
David Boutros crushed his routine, scoring 36 points and pulled ahead. Fred Borzumato scored 28. When all was said and done, David Boutros finished with a total of 181, Fred Borzumato 178. And, needing a minimum point total of 168 for the IPL PRO CARD, Boutros became the IPL’s newest Men’s PRO Bodybuilder.
There is a saying in this sport that “once you turn PRO, it’s like starting from the bottom again.” With top IPL PROS like Justin Baker, Nate Olsen, And Julian Brown, it will be very interesting to see how Boutros matches up. Michael Brooks Photography.

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