New IPL Evening Gown PRO, Lena Sasha!
Sasha Hills (Lena Sasha) was magnificent on the IPL Evening Gown stage at the 2016 2nd Annual IPL North Atlantic Championship on October 15th in Ridgefield, CT.
Just two months prior, Hills competed against top IPL Bikini PRO Beth Cote at the IPL New York PRO/AM in Manhattan, NYC. This was Beth’s second time competing in IPL Evening Gown, and Sasha’s first. In NYC, Hills would place 2nd to Cote as Cote nabbed the IPL PRO CARD.
However in Connecticut, it was Sasha Hills for the win. This time she would face the dynamic Naia Blanco Day, who was not only an IPL PRO in Bikini and Sports Model, but also an IPL Evening Gown Masters PRO. Watching these two elegant beauties was a sight to see. Throughout the six scored categories Hills and Day were very close. Each worth 40 points, Here’s how it went down:
Muscularity: Hills = 33 / Day = 33
Symmetry: Hills = 32 / Day = 32
Conditioning: Hills = 26 / Day = 35
Posing/Presentation: Hills = 35 / Day = 27
Gown: Hills = 33 / Day = 31
Model Walk/Routine (at Finals): Hills = 35 / Day = 28
In the end (out of a max of 240) it was Sasha Hills with 194 points and Naia Day with 186 points. And, needing at least 168 for the PRO QUALIFICATION, Sasha Hills brought it home.
IPL PRO Evening Gown features some fantastic competitors. Interestingly, this division has yet to be hosted at an IPL PRO show. 2017 promises to be an incredibly exciting season, especially in the PRO Evening Gown division. With the level of presentation Sasha Hills brings in the division, she will surely be poised to do some damage in the PROS. Michael Brooks Photography.

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