New IPL Women’s Athletic PRO, Coretta Ward!
Coretta Ward is truly a class act. She is a beaming example of drive, determination, perseverance, and a level-headed “back to the drawing board” perspective towards this sport. By the time Coretta hit the stage at the 2016 IPL 2nd Annual North Atlantic Championship on October 15th in Ridgefield, CT she had already competed in two 2016 IPL contests.
Not only that, but she had tried her hand in other IPL divisions, including Figure and Bikini, in Novice and Open classes. However, the coveted IPL PRO CARD had eluded her.
That being said, with each IPL appearance, Ward’s physique was markedly improved. And, with each outing, her confidence and presentation seemed to build.
When she hit the IPL stage in Connecticut in the Women’s Athletic division, it all came together. Physique, presentation, swag…Coretta Ward had arrived. Needing a total combined score of 168 (out of a max 240) Ward landed 170 and became the IPL’s newest Women’s Athletic PRO.
If Ward’s past is any indication of her future, with the improvements she has made, she will surely come in even better in 2017. In order to be competitive with top IPL Women’s Athletic PROS such as Kaylin Payne, Vanessa Lynn Campos, Brittany Warner, and Dore DeBartolo, Ward will have to give it all she has. Michael Brooks Photography.

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