New IPL Men’s Sports Model PRO, Danniel Giraldo!
Already an IPL PRO (and the youngest) in Men’s Bodybuilding, the 19-year-old “chameleon” Danniel Giraldo has also tried his hand in Men’s Athletic where he has placed very well. And, at the 2016 IPL Texas State on October 8th in Houston, TX, Danniel would add yet another division… IPL Men’s Sports Model.
In one of the most spot-on, entertaining displays in IPL Sports Model to date, Giraldo completely nailed it. Needing a minimum of 168 points (out of a max 240) to be awarded IPL PRO status, Giraldo blew that away, scoring 198. This was the highest point total of all athletes in the entire show. With the physique, enthusiasm, and flair that Danniel Giraldo brings to this division, he certainly will be competitive at the PRO level. Michael Brooks Photography.

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