New IPL Men’s Athletic PRO, Maurio Hill!

There is often a bit of confusion regarding the IPL’s Men’s Athletic division. With the popularity of the industry’s “Men’s Physique” division, often athletes are searching for this within the IPL. However, the IPL does not offer it.

IPL stands for International Physique League. We are all Physique Athletes and the IPL is a physique-focused league. So, in the IPL Men’s Athletic division (the IPL’s version of “Men’s Physique”) the entire physique is judged. Athletes are required to wear square-cut athletic trunks, which reveal the legs.

At the 2016 IPL Texas State on October 8th in Houston TX, Men’s Athletic competitor Maurio Hill brought the total package, including a pair of high-quality wheels.

Dominating four of the six scored categories (Muscularity, Conditioning, Posing/Presentation, and Suit) landed Hill in 1st place. He then needed a minimum score of 168 points (out of a possible 240) in order to achieve IPL PRO status. Maurio Hill nailed a 194 and became the IPL’s newest Men’s Athletic PRO. Michael Brooks Photography.

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