New IPL Evening Gown Masters PRO, Claudine Mishka Kirby!
New to the IPL stage, 50-years-young, Claudine Kirby entered both the Bikini and Evening Gown divisions at the 2016 IPL Texas State on October 8th in Houston, TX. Of the two divisions, Evening Gown is where she excelled the most.
Kirby seemed to come alive when she touched down of the IPL Evening Gown Masters stage. Elegance, confidence, control…there was a self-assurance in her energy and presentation that you just knew would be hard to beat. That being said, 2nd place Angel’a M Jones was very competitive as well.
Jones owned the Muscularity and Conditioning rounds. However, what Kirby gave up in those two areas, she more than made up for by winning rounds such as Posing/Presenting and the Model Walk at Finals. Kirby also won in Symmetry and had a higher score for her Gown.
Winning four out of the six scored categories allowed Kirby to pull away and land in 1st place. Needing a minimum point total of 168 (out of a max 240) for the PRO CARD, Kirby scored 186 (one of the highest point totals of the entire show) and became the IPL’s newest Evening Gown Masters PRO. Michael Brooks Photography.

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