New IPL Women’s Sports Model PRO, Nikki Francis-Smith!
Shortly after winning her IPL Bikini Masters PRO CARD and being crowned Bikini Masters Overall Champion at the 2016 IPL Texas State on October 8th in Houston, TX, Nikki Smith reappeared with a completely new look. With a Football theme, she would now be aiming for a win in the IPL Women’s Sports Model division.
In this division, Smith would not only need to win the class, but also score a minimum of 168 points (out of a max 240) to be awarded IPL PRO status. Needless to say, Nikki Smith’s game was tight. With her physique on point, and her fresh, fun, sporty presentation, Nikki nailed 194 points and became the IPL’s newest Women’s Sports Model PRO. Michael Brooks Photography.

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