New IPL Bikini Masters PRO, Johanna Paco!
Bikini Masters 40+ was incredibly competitive at the 2016 IPL West Coast Pro/Am on September 25th in Rancho Cordova, CA. 17 competitors split into two classes. Therefore, two IPL Bikini Masters PRO CARDS were on the line in Cali.
51 years-young Paco pushed the competition to the limit, taking 1st in class A. Then came the Overall for 40+ Bikini. An exciting face-off ensued between Paco and class B winner, Andressa Ebert Chappelle. In the end, it was Paco for the Bikini Masters 40+ Overall title.
But wait! THEN, Paco needed to go against Bikini Masters 50+ winner, Charmaine Gonsales-Bruington for the Overall Masters crown. Interestingly, Bruington had just beaten Paco in the Masters 50+ class earlier in the day. However, the tables were turned when the two faced-off for the Overall. This time Paco prevailed for the Bikini Masters Overall title, making it two for two in Overalls for Paco. Michael Brooks Photography.

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