New IPL Figure Pro, Betty Rise!
“Beastmode” Betty Rise brought a dominating package to the IPL stage at the 2017 3rd Annual IPL Midwest Championship on April 15th in Madison, WI.
Brilliant V-taper, great conditioning, full, round muscle bellies (including 3-D deltoids), and an A-level Model Walk at Finals put Rise in the winners spot. In order to land the IPL PQ, on top of placing 1st, Rise would need an elevated point total of at least 168 (out of a max 240). In the end, she earned 202 (one of the highest totals of the show) and became the IPL’s newest Figure Pro.
How exciting is it to imagine Betty Rise up against top IPL Figure Pros such as Kaylin Payne, Yady Cedeno, Vanessa Lynn Campos, Mary Onyango, and Midwest native Nina Olsen???? Michael Brooks Photography.

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