New IPL Figure Pro, Christy Byxbee!
Christy first appeared on the IPL stage last year at the October 2016 2nd Annual IPL North Atlantic Championship in Ridgefield, CT. At that contest she landed in 4th place, Figure Open.
Well, what a difference five months can make! Christy returned to the IPL stage with a vengeance at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Natural Gainz Magazine Classic on March 11th in Manhattan, NYC.
In NYC, a drastically improved Byxbee landed in 1st place with a look that was lean and full, with an enviable v-taper and poppin’ shoulders. Needing a minimum of 168 points (out of a max 240) for the PQ, Christy earned 191 and became the IPL’s newest Figure Pro.
Rumor has it that Christy may be making her Pro Figure debut in just two months at the IPL New Jersey Pro. Michael Brooks Photography.

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