IPL Masters Pro Bikini Champion and new IPL Open Bikini Pro, Tawnya Cline!
The Bikini divisions were ON FIRE at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Texas State Pro/Am on August 5th in Houston, TX. And, a big part of those flames was Tawnya Cline.
First up for Tawnya was Masters Pro Bikini. There was plenty of hype leading up to this Bikini Battle between Cline and Regina Bailey (making her IPL Pro Debut). And, in her third IPL Masters Pro Bikini outing to date, TC was at her best.
Bailey certainly held her own against the seasoned Cline, with tie scores in two of the six judged categories… Muscularity and Suit. But, in the other four, Cline pulled ahead. In the end, Tawnya Cline proved too much to handle as she went on to earn her 2nd IPL Masters Pro Bikini title.
Next was Bikini Open. It had been two years since Tawnya Cline entered an IPL Open Bikini class. And back then, she landed in 3rd place to Karen Karen Basler (2nd) and Nicole Scudder (1st) at the 2015 IPL NaturalMag Classic in Jersey City NJ, which was the first IPL contest ever held.
Two years later Cline would face a bevy of IPL Bikini Beauties, ages ranging from 21 to Tawnya’s 45, all vying for the coveted IPL Open Bikini Pro Card. Would two years worth of work be enough to push her to the top of this tough Texas class?
In one of the most exciting Open Bikini classes the IPL stage has hosted, you could feel the intensity in the air. While all competitors impressed, it came down to Tawnya Cline and Kelly James.
Kelly James took the Muscularity round. And, only a point or two separated them in Symmetry, Suit, Conditioning, and Model Walk at Finals. The biggest point spread was in the Posing/Presentation round at Prejudging. 5 points.
In the end, just enough points separated Cline from James, putting Cline in the winners spot with 194 to James’s 187 out of a max of 240. And with that, Tawnya Cline took 1st place and became the IPL’s newest Open Bikini Pro. Kelly James in 2nd. Shout out Pamesia Moore (3rd), Yesenia Garcia (4th) and Emily Humphrey (5th) who rounded out the top five.
With this win, Tawnya Cline has gained entry into an elite group of four dozen world class IPL Bikini Pros including Pro Champions Elli Sigala, Ana La Belle, Beth Cote (2X), Naia Day (2x) and Karen Karen Basler. We are very excited to see how Tawnya will match up!
Tawnya Cline factoids:
*Tawnya competed in the first ever IPL contest in August of 2015. The NATURALMAG CLASSIIC. At that contest she became the IPL’s first, ever, Masters Bikini Pro and placed 3rd in Bikini Open.
*Tawnya competed in the September 2016 IPL West Coast Pro in PRO Bikini Masters, where she placed 2nd.
*Tawnya appeared on the October 2016 cover of Natural Bikini Magazine.
*Tawnya finished her 2016 season at APEX, which is the IPL’s year-end pinnacle championship event. At APEX she became the first, ever IPL APEX Masters Bikini Pro Champion.
Michael Brooks Photography.

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